Software Engineer

at bitbloom in Glasgow for salary not provided

Who we’re looking for

A full-stack software engineer with 3+ years of experience building web applications, who is excited about the challenge of joining a small but growing mission-driven company providing cutting-edge digital products to an increasing number of international clients. Experience in languages such as Python, Java, C#, C++, TypeScript is essential, and knowledge of React, AWS or other cloud provider, and Docker would be beneficial.

Application closing date: 1st June 2022

What we stand for

Bitbloom’s primary objective is to do things that are good; good for us, our customers, the environment, and the world in general. We have a lot of experience and knowledge about wind turbines and the wind energy industry, so we’ve chosen this field as our medium for having a net positive impact on the world. We take pleasure in doing things well and firmly believe that people will perform their best when engaged in a job that they enjoy doing, that aligns with a cause they believe in, and that fits around the other things that are important in their life.

What we offer

Flexibility, focus on work-life balance, interesting and innovative projects in a growing industry, and an opportunity to have a direct impact on renewable energy production globally. We believe that the better you are at stuff the better we’ll do, so opportunity for self-development is important to us.

What you won’t get

Close management, rigid work procedures, fixed hours.

What we expect in return

Responsibility, engagement, willingness to learn, knowledge sharing, positive attitude to your colleagues and customers, and that you share our values.

Types of things you may be doing

As a small company we’ll require you to be comfortable contributing to a diverse set of projects, adopting different roles in a dynamic environment, leveraging your areas of expertise. We anticipate that you will be:

  • Producing beautiful interfaces and dashboards with React

  • Creating high-performing applications and back-ends using Python

  • Engaging directly with our products’ users to understand exactly what they want and how to deliver it

  • Working with the rest of our software team to develop robust, high-performing and harmonious software designs

  • Implementing well-tested, high-quality, production-ready code

  • Developing front-ends for new and exciting products in data analytics, simulation and modelling, and machine learning

Please get in touch if you feel you meet the following conditions

  • You agree with our company values and our ethical policy (below), and you recognise that as a commercial entity we can only continue to have positive impact if we deliver cost effective and high-quality services and products to our customers, profitably.

  • You meet our skills and qualifications requirements (also below).

  • You’re able to take responsibility for your own time and can deliver what is expected from you without close management or policing.

  • You’re not afraid to take ownership of your ideas, contributions and responsibilities.

  • You’d like to work in a fast-paced and evolving business like ours.

  • You’re able to travel to our Glasgow office at least 2 days per week

Skills and qualifications

  • 3+ years’ experience as a Software Engineer

  • Experience with a modern web application tech stack, including languages such as Python, Java, C#, C++, TypeScript, and also including React, AWS, Docker, Terraform, SQL

  • Experience with the whole software lifecycle, from conception to implementation to deployment

  • Experience with CI/CD tools and best practices

  • Experience working with a range of stakeholders including Software Engineers, Testers, UX Designers and Product Owners

  • Experience writing tools for data analytics and/or data visualisation would be an advantage

  • Experience working with and designing distributed systems would be an advantage

  • Fluent in spoken and written English

About Bitbloom

At Bitbloom we provide software and services for data analytics, scientific computation, and application development to the renewable energy industries. Bitbloom is a busy start-up with a full project pipeline and lots of ideas, offering excellent working conditions on interesting projects in a growing market. We are currently looking to hire an experienced front-end software engineer to help us build the next generation of automated data analytics software for renewable energy asset monitoring.

Bitbloom’s Ethical policy

At Bitbloom we will never engage with organisations or people that treat people differently based on gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or any other personal attribute. We will never engage in work where we serve a company whose staff are made to work in unsafe conditions, without proper equipment and training, who are not fairly and adequately remunerated for their work, or who are made to work against their will. We will not engage in work that has a net negative impact on the environment. We rely on objective, scientific consensus to guide us in judging our activities against these criteria.

How to apply

Apply at the link below.

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